So what about this blog? Or me for that matter?

Well, let’s start by talking about me for a bit. I’ve been actively and passively studying music since I was like 4 years old or something. And by passively I mean listening to a lot of music without paying too much attention to how it is constructed.

I’ve played the piano until I was 15, both on my own and in small ensembles where I had to play alongside violinists. And after that I started playing the guitar. I’ve been playing the guitar ever since and have also delved into music theory in order to be able to better understand the science behind writing songs.

This blog is my attempt to organize music theory aspects in a way that people studying them will be able to see how everything is connected, from notes to scales, to chords and to different playing techniques that serve to add nuance to your interpretation.

I will include examples for every possible topic of discussion that would require them and will also do my best to organize each tutorial category around a single major theme and each tutorial around a single aspect, so as to make it easier to follow and understand just what I am talking about.

Whether or not I succeed is up to you, the readers, by providing me constructive feedback in order for me to be able to understand what others don’t understand so as to better explain it to them.

And that about covers it.

P.S. my native language is not English, so I can only hope that I can talk in a way that everyone reading is able to understand what I say.

P.P.S featured images on posts are courtesy of Pexels

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